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Spenser Chao

Multimedia Artistic Director





 對於生命浮沈際遇裡漫長蘊釀的內化。                        ​













Without rooted in family wealth nor received conventional artistic educations, emanated a passionate achiever. Stemming from the innate passion towards living and the miscellaneous encounters through various walks of life; clashing of ideas and life-long experiences amalgamated into design inspirations.

Chaos, conflicts, complications, and the self-reflection that followed provided the process of fearless self-learning, experiencing, and creating. Ultimately, yielded divergent works of art. 

People, surroundings, and the struggle with reality contributed to the relentless attempts to overcome obstacles through compromise. Evolved realizations were made and determined opinions were expressed —all for the sake of release.

Equipped with the characteristics of a poet and the passionate intentions of an artist, authentic attitudes and a positive mindset are perpetual. Grasping onto the desire of fulfilling the “Art of Living” is everlasting, so is the peace and mindfulness sprouting from within.

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